Would Miracle toner justify its name? Will I have a miraculous skin post 30 days? Or is it just a marketing tactic? These questions were running in my head when I decided to bởi a Some by mi AHA BHA pha 30 days Miracle toner review.

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How did it turn out? You will just find it out.

Is Some by ngươi Miracle toner worth the hype?


“AHA, BHA pha 30 DayMiracle line from Some by Mi,” this very advertisement was a dominant script onmy Instagram wall for a fairly long time.

It got me thinking andwhy wouldn’t it?

Getting a 30-dayguarantee from any beauty brand is a big thing and in this case, it came from abrand like “Some by Mi” which is a premium brand in the arena of K-Beauty.

It was raisingexcitement for everyone but for reviewers like us, well we raised skepticaleyebrows too.

Further, it alsopromises to treat acne, pigmentation, blackheads, & claims to lớn give a smootherand clearer texture khổng lồ your skin.

If there are so manypromises at stake, then, naturally before endorsing it to lớn anyone, I wanted togive it a first hand or a “first face review” to be precise.

Also, being a person whohas dealt with acne all her life, products like these have a soft spot in myheart.

But first, let’s dive into a 360-degree view!

Some by mày Miracle Toner Packaging


The AHA-BHA-PHA Miracle toner comes packed in a round 150ml green tinted bottle with a screw top. Also, all the details about the ingredients have been explicitly mentioned outside the bottle.

I count it as a plus asit helps in easily understanding the ingredients và the important informationabout the product.

There are two types ofpackaging available which majorly vary in terms of the cap design. With thedifference in the cap, people often kết thúc up feeling that the hàng hóa they got isnot genuine but now you know (so relax).

Some by ngươi Miracle Toner – Aroma, Texture, Color


Aroma – Sticking to its organic roots, it has a minty smell. The nice part is that the odour is not overpowering và also lasts for a good number of hours.

Texture–The toner is a lotwater-like. It is relatively more watery than other toners I have previously tried.But I think it’s a plus as it allows the liquid khổng lồ penetrate deep into theskin.

Colour – It is clear or transparent as you say.

Some by ngươi Miracle Toner Ingredients


Well, Korean beautyproducts are all about being cruelty-free và blended with natural ingredients.

Here’s a breakdown ofall that goes in the making of Miracle toner.

Key Ingredients Benefits
AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid It helps in loosening the bond between dead cells và hence, easily removes them from the skin. It also helps in reducing acne marks & dark spots
BHA or Beta Hydroxy Acid It reaches out khổng lồ more deeply formed pores. Their prime function is to lớn clean out the mixture of sebum và dead skin in the clogged pores.
PHA or PolyhydroxyAcid It makes sure that your skin doesn’t become dry during exfoliation.
Tea Tree Extract It’s like a medicine directly targeting acne.
Niacinamide It addresses multiple problems like dull skin, texture, enlarged pores, etc.

Miracle Toner review


One of the major pointsof discussion about this sản phẩm has been its 3 main ingredients i.e. AHA BHA& PHA.

Yes, I know I talkedabout it in the above section. However, in the past, I have received a lot ofquestions about their impact on different skin type.

Hence, I wish lớn drawspecial attention to lớn it & take it separately.

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Let’ learn ABC… of AHA BHA và PHA

Now we know they are theacids for the skin. Moving on, let’s discuss which acid is responsible forwhat.

What is AHA, BHA, PHA?


Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

Glycolic Acid và LacticAcid are the most known size of AHA. It primarily functions on the topmostlayer of the skin. Thereby, it protects skin from elements that directly impactit lượt thích reducing sun damage, hyperpigmentation và giving it a smooth texture.

Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties which make it more suitable for people dealing with acne.

Prime Benefits:

Keeps the moisture intactProtects against sun

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)

While AHA handles thetopmost layer of the skin, it is the BHA that penetrates deeper levels. One ofits most knows khung is Salicylic Acid. It can dissolve sebum which helps intightening the pores.

Further, it hasanti-bacterial và anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the redness of theface & acts as a catalyst to calm it down.

You will find manyproducts that have a blend of AHA and BHA. It is done that way as it perfectlysuits combination skin which is one of the most common skin types.

Prime Benefits

Dissolves the oil in thedeeper level of skinCalms down the rednesson the skinRevives pores khổng lồ ahealthy condition


Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA)

It is a newer acid interms of its usage in the beauty world. The most common ones among thiscategory are Gluconolactone acid and Lactobionic acid.

Due to its exfoliatingproperties, it really helps in mellowing down skin texture.

AHA và PHA differ interms of their molecule structure. Pha has a larger molecule structure makingit less irritating for the skin. Hence, it works best for extra sensitive skin.This element alone fetches high marks in my Miracle toner review

Prime Benefits

Maintains moisture levelWorks best for sensitiveskinSpeeds up cell renewal

While most products justprovide AHA & BHA, the addition of pha in the miracle toner earns it a fewbrownie points.

How often can you use AHA BHA PHA?


We have already listedthe benefits of the three acids. However, they are still “acids” and, Iunderstand if you get nervous about applying products containing them.

For a product lượt thích Miracletoner, it goes through different stages of verification and tests beforegetting the final approval.

But then,

We all have a differentskin type. & that’s why not everything would suit everyone. Generally, theproducts are made in a way where they can achieve common ground for all skintypes, if not; you normally get variants of the same product.

Before trying any newproduct, I personally go for a patch chạy thử on my skin. If I don’t get anyallergic reaction, then, I introduce it to my regime as a “once a weeksort of a thing.” If that goes well too, only then I fully embrace theproduct.

I would recommend you touse the same approach for products containing these acids.

Back lớn Some By ngươi Miracle Toner

Who all can use Miracle toner?


It’s not possible to pindown who exactly can and who can’t. But there are certain common benefits themiracle toner provides to lớn all skin types.

Despite having AHA, BHA, và PHA, it is still a sub-acidic product. It merely has 5.5 pH that is somewhat similar khổng lồ the pH cấp độ of the skin.Approved by KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration) Contains 10,000 ppm of tea tree leaf extract thus keeping the organic quotient high. I feel more organic the sản phẩm more lasting benefits it gives.The USP of the product “PHA” covers people like me who have sensitive skin.

Other than that, a lotof influencers và beauty experts have in the past did a “Miracle tonerreview” and found the results pretty promising.

(Unconsciously they are the reason I am doing this đánh giá