I follow about 5 million beauty accounts on Instagram & have khổng lồ force myself not to check it 10 times a day because I love looking at new makeup. & hair. Và products. Which is how I stumbled upon the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.

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This foundation claims lớn be a 12 hour wear, full coverage foundation, with amazonian clay lớn improve skin over time. I wanted to do a full reviews of the product and swatches of the shades I tried.


40 shades availablelightweight, mousse formulacontains SPF 151.7 oz – that’s almost TWICE the kích cỡ of most foundations. The average foundation form size is 1 ozretails | $39
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The finish is flawless. This is what initially attracted me khổng lồ the foundation và it does not disappoint in real life. It makes your skin look so flawless, but somehow still natural and like skin-like.

Every time I wear it, people ask me what my skin care routine is. That is a winning foundation, my friends. I feel lượt thích I could end the reviews right there, if I didn’t have so many other nice things to say about it.

As I’ve gotten older, I have found this foundation accentuates my forehead lines if I apply too heavily. I still think it’s a great foundation for days I know I’ll be outside in hotter weather, so I apply sparingly over my forehead & make sure to finish blending the foundation with my beautyblender pro.

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It’s a great year-round foundation for oily skin.


The texture is a lightweight mousse. It blends so easily and in 1 to lớn 2 layers, I achieve full coverage on my skin. This is a very unique foundation texture.

The mousse feels lightweight on và blends easily.


The foundation really does last the 12 hours that it claims, even without a primer or setting spray and it lasts even longer with both.

The ingredients are very skin friendly, which is why it’s a summer, hot weather favorite foundation for me. Because of the clay in the formula, my skin and pores always feel more fresh và clear the day after wearing this foundation.

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This foundation is also vegan, meaning it has no animal products in it, for people leading a totally vegan lifestyle (not eating or using any products from animals on your skin or clothing). I ate vegan for 3 months và I felt lượt thích a million bucks, but then missed pizza so much!


This foundation is a great deal-per-ounce, made with high quality, skin improving ingredients. It’s lightweight, but full coverage. I am totally in love with it và can not recommend it more highly. It became a favorite so quickly!


They have 40 shades available. I tried Light Neutral, but since they’ve expanded their range (from 16 lớn 40 shades) I think I’d be better in Fair-Light Honey. They do an amazing job online of explaining the undertones of each shade, which is rare và amazing to find. It makes buying online much easier.