The point that I lượt thích the most in Partron is the constant change in design khổng lồ perfect the product and towards high usability. The PBH-100 has a large neck strap that makes the sản phẩm a bit bulky, & the PBH-200 has improved this problem by making this part a lot smaller. With the PBH-300, the company goes one step further by making the necklace more flexible lớn hold the neck of the user.

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The necklace is still made of plastic, but the company has decided to lớn use plastic resin, not as glossy as the previous version, no longer cling khổng lồ fingerprints và dust easily. The plastic bend is probably reinforced with metal so the force is clamped, so when put on the headset hug more. The ear controls have a điện thoại tư vấn button and play / pause music, 2 volume up and down keys with song transfer. The micro USB charger is sealed behind a plastic layer khổng lồ prevent dust. This necklace is equipped with a small vibration motor to indicate when the headset is out of range of the source, or incoming call.

The headphones are designed quite simply, without any additional decoration and color matching with the necklace. The outer surface of the earphone has a magnet that can stick together or stick lớn the collar quite handy when not used. The entire headset can withstand sweat at the IPX4 level, ie at moderate levels it is impossible to immerse water.


– bluetooth version: 4.1

– 2 talk microphone for higher quality

– Receiver range: 10m

– Apt-X support

– Talk time: 15 hours

– Music playback time: 15 hours

– Standby time: 600 hours

– Charging time: less than 2 hours

– Integrated vibration motor

– Weight: 32.5g


Listen to lớn music

After the explosion of wireless headsets last year earlier this year, handset makers have been listening to lớn consumers, producing more balanced headphones, not just V-shape earphones. It’s for the dance music people. Partron is also among these, ranging from the PBH-100 to 300, which uses a laid-back, comfortable và easy-listening sound.

This means that the bass is not really much. The PBH-300 has pretty good bass response, of course less than the V-shape earphones, and is more akin to a pair of earphones lượt thích the Sony H.ear In or Sennheiser Momentum Inear. Bass is concentrated in the mid bass so there is a little bloat light but not too high, acceptable. This bloat makes the bass a bit thicker, also compensating for a lack of volume so the dance tracks are still vibrant. The sub bass of the PBH-300 is not very impressive, because lớn a certain segment will be rolled off so it seems lack of echo. The bass of the PBH-300 is generally played hard và concentrated in one point so the speed is quite good, not pull the long tail. With a multipurpose headset and multi-purpose use, this bass is quite modest, but in later versions if you showroom a bit of sub bass, this whole section will be more complete.

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As in previous years, wireless headsets with V-shape and midrange components were badly made, now many wireless headsets are paying attention. The PBH-300 is also among them. Mid of the PBH-300 is not as forward-forward as the 1More thể thao Wireless, which is slightly backfired to match the back-tone of the headset. But the detail in this band is not bad at all, not inferior to lớn the wired ear at this price range. Try with Cécile Corbel’s Lovers’ Farewell. With the medium & lightweight of the PBH-300, listening khổng lồ the rich (even surplus) energy such as Cécile Corbel and Jimme O’Neill in this article is still very comfortable. The high mid section of the headphones is well controlled, still has a relatively small peak point but does not create too strong sibalance should be acceptable. The singer’s voice is slightly more than a little voice, so the middle of the headset is not completely called airy but still not glare, not too tight but radiates very comfortable space. Because the mid-light is not so suitable for many voices, even the high-pitched voices are harder khổng lồ hear in bright-focused earphones. In general, the midrange portion of the PBH-300 is a plus considering the headset is designed for listening.

The part that many people will like is the treble. This part listen on the short time will not be impressive, but in the long run will feel passion. This treble is not bright, not high, does not feel lượt thích metal like the headphones lượt thích 1More thể thao Wireless or E10 Wireless but quite a lot. The treble, hi hat emerged this play is not lack of quantity, filled with music space & very thick. The treble volume is not high as well as no peak point, so it has a lot of volume, but this part is quite light và comfortable, suitable for laid back sound of PBH-300.

Watch movies / videos

One of the great disadvantages of wireless headsets is the latency khổng lồ the very large transmitter, which often has a very moving image. With the PBH-300, this is no longer a problem. The delay of the headset can not be like a wired headset, but it has been reduced to lớn the smallest, almost without affecting the viewing experience. As mentioned above, the headphones are quite laid back and comfortable, so they are suitable for light films, sitcoms, emotions. The words of the actor are not sibalance should use long-lasting earphones vày not feel tired. With more kích hoạt movies, the bass of the headphones may not be too much, but still enough lớn experience not too much of a loss. In general, the PBH-300 is capable of replacing the wired headset with the same price range for both music và movie playback.

where can you get a Partron Croise.R PBH-300 online

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Two years ago, consumers might be hesitant to lớn buy in wireless headphones because of too many design, performance and sound shortcomings compared lớn wired headphones. But until now, wireless headsets have caught up with nothing to thua with a wired headset. Partron Croise.R The PBH-300 is priced at $70, which is sound, audio delay or perfect no matter what a wired headset is in price range but also has the advantage of wireless headphones bring. This is a good time to invest in a wireless headset, và the PBH-300 is not a bad choice.