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A new standard of high definition raises the viewing bar higher than ever. 4K resolution is the future of digital picture, attaining a resolution four times that of Full HD, with a stunning 8.3 million pixels for flawless picture & incredibly vivid detail.

True 4K Engine creates vivid 4K pictures & the sophisticated aluanbui.comorithm of the engine brings low resolution images even closer to lớn 4K quality. ULTRA HD TV with its powerful engine willthoroughly satisfy the viewer with flawless detail, lifting the standard of visual display yet higher.

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Now, access a world of unlimited entertainment with Smart TV. The best selection of enjoyable content provided for you to access with ease. Enjoy the best entertainment whenever you want - the most popular & useful nội dung in your country provided via partnership with the best nội dung providers.
Universal Control, Pointing, Wheel, and Voice – the most convenient and advanced TV remote.Universal Control : Control & access your set-top box, speakers, BDP, and even satellite TV with a single remote, a one-stop solution for maximum convenience.Pointing: Just point & click--a smart remote for your Smart TV.Wheel: Scroll up và down, zoom in và out with a wheel - just lượt thích using a computer mouse.Voice: Speak to your remote khổng lồ find what you want.
With incredible feats of technology, ULTRA Surround can provide effective surround sound as if from seven different directions. The multi-channel surround sound will engulf you from top to bottom, left và right, front và center." latest & most advanced Triple XD Engine brings the highest màn chơi of excellence in color, contrast, and clarity for the best picture quality and performance.
Display DeviceLEDScreen form size (Inch)40Resolution3840 x 2160Micro pixel Control (Local Dimming)YesUCI (Ultra Clarity Index) 900
Tru ULTRA HD EngineYesResolution UpscalerYes (Resolution upscaler Plus)Active Noise ReductionYesDynamic Clear WhiteYesDynamic màu sắc EnhancerYesPicture Mode8 modes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema,Soccer, Game, Expert1, Expert2) Asia :APS MEA : EcoPicture Wizard IIIYesAspect Ratio8 modes (16:9, Just scan, Original, Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Cinema Zoom 1, Zoom)Just Scan (1:1 pixel Matching) 0% OverScanYes (HMI/Component/RF) 2160p/1D080i/1080p/720pReal Cinema 24pYesHEVC Codec(Maximum image signal input of HEVC Codec)4K 30p (USB & Internet Streaming Only)H.265 CodecYesTriple XD EngineYes
Mono / Stereo / Dual (MTS/SAP)YesDolby Digital DecoderYesDTS DecoderYesSpeaker System2Ch Speaker SystemAudio Output20W (32" : 10W)Sound SystemVirtual Surround PlusSound Mode6 modes (Standard, News, Music, Cinema, Soccer, Game)Sound Optimizer3 modes (Off, Stand Type, Wall-mounted Type)Wireless Sound SyncAudio device : Initial
Game World YesSmart World (Card)Yes3D World (Card)YesMy StoreYesFull website BrowserYesSkypeReady (available with Camera accessory)Hand GestureReady (available with Camera accessory)Finger GestureReady (available with Camera accessory)Magic RemoteB/in3 Modes(Pointing/Wheel/Voicel)Yes
Media giới thiệu - Remote AppYesMedia tóm tắt - Network tệp tin Browser (DLNA) - web OS: certification not availableYesScreen nói qua - Smart Mobile liên kết (MHL)YesScreen share - MiracastYesScreen chia sẻ - WiDiYesSimplink (HDMI CEC)YesWindows 7/8 CertifiedYesWi-Fi Built-in / Wi-Fi ReadyB/in
Motion Eye CareYesIntelligent SensorYesEPG (SI - 8 days)YesSmart Energy SavingYesInput LabelingYese-ManualYes