Slifer the Sky long is a Yu-Gi-Oh favorite và a powerful card when played right. In this guide, we"ll show you how to lớn build a strong & surprisingly easy Slifer the Sky rồng deck in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel.

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Slifer the Sky dragon is a card that requires a ton of commitment lớn play. The legendary long requires three whole tributes lớn play, & a decent amount of cards in hand khổng lồ make the most of his effect. Committing a deck to Slifer means having a lot of cards dedicated lớn easily summoning and buffing him, và while this makes your deck very focused towards one win condition, it also makes it pretty simple to lớn play.

How khổng lồ Play The Deck

Your first priority with this deck is to lớn get Slifer on the field as fast as possible. Try to lớn go first if you can, as you want to set up before your opponent and you won’t be attacking with your early monsters anyway. If Slifer isn’t in your hand, use your draw cards khổng lồ get him there.

Don’t be afraid khổng lồ use Infinite Cards early on, as its effect will still be useful when Slifer is on the field. Remember, Slifer gains 1000 ATK for each card in your hand, so Infinite Cards has a ton of value in this deck in wouldn’t have in others.

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Getting to lớn Slifer’s summon can feel lượt thích a game of survival. While your monsters have “Cannot be destroyed by battle,” you still take life point damage when they’re attacked, and their very small ATK & DEF numbers mean you’ll be taking a lot of damage until Slifer is on the Field. A great thẻ for counteracting this dilemma is Aroma Jar, which cannot be destroyed by battle and gives you 500 LP during each end phase.

Foolish Burial & Call of the Haunted can be combo’d lớn bring Slifer out really fast. To vì this, make sure hotline of the Haunted is already set on the field. Then, use Foolish Burial to lớn send Slifer from your deck into your GY, then activate call of the Haunted khổng lồ bring him lớn the field.

When you’re ready to summon Slifer, you want to lớn be sure that you have Mound of the Bound Creator khổng lồ protect him from spell and trap cards. Terraforming becomes really important here, so use it if you don’t have a Mound Bound in your hand already.

Thunderforce Attack can make for a powerful OTK combo. Use it to lớn wipe an opponent’s carefully built board before the battle phase. Then, after drawing cards equal to the amount of cards destroyed, attack their life points directly with Slifer and watch the sparks fly.

Slifer the Sky long Deck List

Main Deck3x Slifer the Sky Dragon3x Spirit Reaper3x Aroma Jar3x Marshmallon3x Scapeghost3x Ra’s Disciple2x Infinite Cards1x Cost Down1x The Monarchs Stormforth2x Thunderforce Attack2x Upstart Goblin1x quái dị Reborn1x Foolish Burial1x Terraforming2x Mound of the Bound Creator3x Appropriate3x Quaking Mirror Force3x call of the Haunted

That’s everything you need to know to play this Slifer the Sky rồng deck! kiểm tra out our otherYu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel guidesfor more competitive decks for your favorite characters.