“Man, you always make the best faces at the finish line,” laughed NENSA competition director Justin Beckwith at the finish of Sunday’s Climb khổng lồ the Castle.

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Utterly fried, I gasped for air. Someone asked if I needed help getting out of my roller skis. I shook my head no, even though back pain had made it difficult to đoạn clip into them down at the toll gate.

Another sufferfest on the Whiteface Mountain toll road. Just one hill; how hard can it be? Five miles, an eight per cent grade, 2300 feet of vertical. Unlike the previous year, mild temperatures, negligible wind, & dry pavement should have made for a good race.

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ORDA Skier Visits (Update 2022)

Posted on October 3, 2022 by luanbui.com

Following are updated numbers for ORDA skier visits and revenue for New York’s state-owned and operated ski areas as reported by the Olympic Regional Development Authority in the most recent annual report.

For the first time in the 2013 annual report, numbers for Belleayre Ski Center were included.

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As of the 2010 – 2011 season ORDA had not reported skier visits for Gore Mountain. In the 2018 report, there was back data on skier visits for Gore dating back lớn 2013-2014, so a data gap remains for the two previous years. In addition Whiteface revenue numbers were revised upward by over 20%.

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Whiteface Storm Ski

Posted on March 15, 2022 by Harvey

Last week I was going through my weather routine, studying the medium-term forecast, looking for answers khổng lồ the same four questions. Is it going lớn snow? What is the best day lớn ski? Can I get the day off? and finally… where should I ski?


For several days, the GFS was highlighting a storm that would slide across thành phố new york on Saturday. The timing và intensity of the snowfall favored a Friday evening overnight stay near the mountains. So yea, where khổng lồ ski?

The forecast had Plattekill close khổng lồ the boundary with warm air, with the greatest potential for snow, and some chance of rain. Both Gore & Whiteface, farther to the north, were safer from the rain, with less potential for snow.

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