We’ve heard stories about actors fading out of the spotlight for various reasons ⁠— some grow unhappy with being in showbiz, while there are those who prioritise other things, such as their families, over their career.

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Then there"s Korean heartthrob Won Bin. Since his last movie, The Man From Nowhere, 10 years ago, he has yet lớn take on any new drama or film roles. His wife, actress Lee mãng cầu Young, once explained that the actor is waiting to be cast in projects that speak khổng lồ his artistic sensibilities rather than film something that was made to be a commercial success.

1 of 2 Looking good

All this waiting for him khổng lồ make his onscreen comeback has led khổng lồ the inevitable commotion every time anyone spots the elusive star in public. Và this time around was no exception.

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The 42-year-old was seen shooting an ad on May 13, & photos of him dressed casually took the internet by storm. “Takuya Kimura looks lượt thích a middle-aged uncle right now but Won Bin looks the same ,” one netizen wrote. Another added, “This isn’t even an edited selfie, & just an photo .”

2 of 2 He looks the same as he did 10 years ago in The Man From Nowhere

His youthful looks also had many wondering what kind of skin treatments he’s been receiving all this time, or if it’s a combination of a stress-free life & good genes that helped him look this good.

“We haven’t seen him act for 10 years, but I feel lượt thích time has stopped since he filmed The Man From Nowhere,” one sighed. “I wonder if there will be a movie that is good enough khổng lồ convince him khổng lồ act again.”

Photos: PBE Media, Star News

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