Actually, both are correct! However, be careful with which one you use, as they mean different things! The prepositions “in” & “at” indicate whether you are referring to a location in time or in space.

Bạn đang xem: In the beginning và at the beginning

“In the beginning” is used to describe the start of a period of time. It can be used alone, even if the time frame is unclear. 

In the beginning, the company had all but three employees & a tiny garage as their office.

Xem thêm: Các Bài Hát Tỏ Tình Mượt Nhất Cho Anh Em Tham Khảo, 7 Bài Hát Tỏ Tình Mượt Nhất Cho Anh Em Tham Khảo

In this sentence, we can infer that “in the beginning” refers lớn when the company was new & had just started. 

On the other hand, “at the beginning” refers lớn the placement of something. 

You should not use pronouns at the beginning of a paragraph!

Author: Katy Lia, Tutor

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