The Animation: It. Was Gorgeous. God, the scenery, the architecture, the character designs, the lighting. All of it was beautiful khổng lồ look at. My eyes were thoroughly pleased. It’s a huge step up from the movie that came before it. I’m fairly certain the majority of the year’s budget went lớn this movie. I’ve never been too picky about the technicalities because I know Rainmaker is a small studio, but this movie changed that. Finally, they’re starting to lớn realize that Barbie looks 100x better when her dress isn’t the same màu sắc as her surroundings.

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The only comment that I have is that Mariposa looks almost nothing like she did in the last movie. Her hair is darker and her face looks completely different. If it wasn’t for her dress/wings I would not have recognized her.


The Characters (The good guys):

I have some qualms with Mariposa’s design và voice actress (what the FUCK did they vì chưng with Chiara Zanni) but her character almost makes up for that. They didn’t undo her development from the last film -she’s much more confident in herself- but they also didn’t forget about her character traits. She’s still awkward và clumsy và not totally great with people. Her development in this film is small, but by the kết thúc she learns to communicate better và help others overlook assumptions in the name of diplomacy. I love that she’s even more of a nerd in this movie, but I wish some of her love for Astronomy showed up. 7/10

Catania’s arc was wonderful. Overcoming trauma and anxiety is very, very had, & the writers take care khổng lồ show this. She doesn’t suddenly get over her fear when she’s in a situation where she needs to, its a slow build with Mariposa helping her gain confidence in herself as she goes. When the climax comes along, it’s just a matter of her knowing it’s time for her to take that final leap of faith. I liked that Mariposa didn’t pressure her into flying even though it would have really helped to lớn have her up there. Mariposa respected her wishes và realized this was something she had to do on her own. She also has a fantastic character design & she’s really likable. 9/10

The king was understandable, but he really was kind of a dick lớn Mariposa. Like, this girl just barely got these new wings, they were a symbol of her personal growth, & he straight up tells her khổng lồ disfigure them so they’re less unwieldy? He wouldn’t give her a break. 5/10

Zee was an abomination. I hate her with every fiber of my being. I don’t think there’s a single scene without her in it. I swear she took up 1/3 of the screen-time adding nothing khổng lồ the plot. She distracted from the story and made every bad situation worse. Her voice was annoying, her character kiến thiết was low-effort, & she was completely useless. There is absolutely no logical reason for Mariposa khổng lồ keep her around. There are quieter emotional tư vấn animals. If Mariposa needs a companion she can get a winged cat. God, I would have preferred Zinzie from the last movie over this monstrosity, & I would gladly see Zinzie killed. Zee was such a menace, that she singlehandedly brought down the quality of this movie by 25%. The sight of her sickens me. Without her this movie would be a hair away from perfect. -∞/10 Someone pulverize her.



Fuck science deniers: The majority of this movie’s conflict comes from people refusing to acknowledge the facts in front of them because they don’t reaffirm their personal beliefs. This is a very appropriate theme & it certainly aged well. It’s more important now than ever. I loved that the writers went with this & I thought it was done well enough.

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Generosity/Forgiveness: This was a great sub-theme to go with, it was woven into the plot nicely. It sort of mirrors the situation in America in regards lớn foreign aid, though the situation is certainly more black và white here. I actually lượt thích when Barbie gets a little political- even when I don’t entirely agree with everything they say. They’re certainly not shoving ideas down childrens’ throats, they’re just presenting their point of view in a very subtle và inconsequential way.

Overcoming trauma: I covered this a bit when I talked about Catania. The movie handles this well và they don’t make the same missteps most movies do. I liked it a lot- it added so much khổng lồ Catania’s character and even facilitated some development for Mariposa.


How gay is Barbie? Very, very, gay. She và Catania had such great chemistry. Their date was so cute và they really make a great couple. This very well could have been a Romeo và Juliet story if that was the direction the creators wanted to go with. I loved it so, so much. They had a better romance than Alexa và Liana in kim cương Castle. 10/10 gayness.


Final Thoughts: There are a few things I personally would change about this movie, but that doesn’t stop it from being pretty damn good. I really wish they’d had Chiara Zanni come back to do Mariposa’s voice, it really screws with the worldbuilding for Kelly Sheridan lớn voice her considering she voices Elina too. Plus I just really lượt thích the sound of Zanni’s voice. Movies like this are really the reason I’m doing these reviews- discovering the really good ones I missed out on when I“grew out” of them.