M.O.P.MiscellaneousO.C.M.O.P.Brooklyn! Uh, yeah! Now, kiểm tra this shit outVerse one: O.C.Now check this motherfucking capo right hereMash Out Posse SLASH O.C. come together lượt thích a glochồng và a clipWe gon" jam when its time khổng lồ blast!Big niggaz that rap, we bout to lớn get in your assWe done played the background, ay-yo all my peopsI"m naming names, fuông chồng it, it"s onI"m taking it baông xã khổng lồ some Brooklyn shitWith this ten-man cliqueWho don"t know how to act, lookin for some niggaz khổng lồ hitAnd if you ever think it can"t happen to youYou might just kết thúc up in the East River with some bale-ass shoesI ain"t playin no more, I"m gonna bring it lớn your ass rawI flipped the word around, nigga, this means WARYo, fuck that, Brooklyn"s on the maps foreverTo Billy và Fame, I hope you niggaz down for whateverWith Mike, go get the guns when its time to shootTo Brooklyn I give a 21-GUN SALUTE(Come on)Chorus:Flatbush *cut và scratched*--Crown Heights-- "Thought I"d remind y"all"Brownsville *cut và scratched* (Firing Squad)"Thought I"d remind y"all" *scratching*Bushwiông xã *cut and scratched* "(See I) Thought I"d remind y"all"*Cut & scratched*--East New York-- "Thought I"d remind y"all"Verse two: Lil" FameI used lớn roll "em, this is a holdupMAKE em roll up, come up out your clothes & get your whole shit swoleUpThis game ain"t changed cause I became a rapping dudeI"m still a black mèo, quiông xã, & straight clapping dude(Try to lớn act rude) Play the mascottWith your clown ass ways, these days, look what your ass gotClap, shot the body, I"m keeping it realThat cartoon ass nigga thought he was King of the HillThat whole shit was animation, immitationWhen I shipped that ass on out, lượt thích immigrationWays of Emancipation, ProclamationConstitutional rights, the LAST GENERATIONYour facin, M.O.P.., O.G."sFlippin this traông xã with O.C.Niggaz know we, hold this shit down for Brooklyn, nigga!Where guns spark & leave them things smoking, nigga!ChorusVerse three: Billy DanzeHot damn! Danze shot your headFull cooperation, I"m taking donations, ante up the bread(Clap, clap!) You got that fat while we were goneSo the balance that I wrote lượt thích, we"re taking onPut the rest of that shit in the bagI would tear your ass to pieces, so you please don"t make me mad(Here we go again!) You ain"t known, I control my destinyI only got love sầu for the thugs that"s next khổng lồ me(Who that?) Berkuance, soldier, I"m ill*Pause* I told ya, I"m real!And I"ve been doing a double danlyEveryone? from my crew is sayin? (Daddy, don"t fail me)Hold on, the way that I jettin my foes may never be evenI"m one of them dudes that niggaz refuse to lớn believe in(Life is full of obstacles!) so keep weeping(At 24-years old) My only goal is too keep breathing