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Ceramic has returned as a case material in the táo bị cắn Watch Series 5. checks out the new model, and sees what has changed since we last saw the material two years ago.

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As the táo bị cắn dở Watch evolves, one differentiations has been new case materials. We saw the most expansive lineup yet in the apple Watch Series 5 with the addition of titanium & the re-release of ceramic. These two are added lớn the aluminum, Nike, stainless steel, và Hermes models for six different options and a variety of colors.

The ceramic hãng apple Watch case is made from a fine powder that is highly compressed before being polished khổng lồ a shine with a đá quí slurry.


It has a clean, glossy white appearance — same as with the Series 3 — but now it has the larger screen và the updated body toàn thân that was introduced in the táo bị cắn dở Watch Series 4. The rear of the watch has a dark ceramic back và the Digital Crown has the tell-tale red ring around the dark ceramic indicative of its cellular abilities.

Last time we saw the ceramic, it had a fully red Digital Crown. Now the dial is home to an electrode that is used for taking an ECG.

The ceramic case is highly resistant to lớn fingerprints và scratches so it should retain that stunning exterior for a long time.


With the new táo bị cắn Watch Series 5, táo bị cắn dở also debuted several new bands in new color schemes. Aside from the band you choose, it also comes with an additional sports band.

This is great if you pick up something like the new Meyer Lemon leather loop và need that sports band for working out.

Otherwise, the contents are the same as you"d expect. A 5W charger & the stainless steel magnetic charging puck are included with the táo bị cắn dở Watch Series 5 Edition.

The ceramic táo khuyết Watch Edition starts at $1,299, but those willing to lớn opt for an aluminum or stainless steel case can find táo bị cắn dở Watch Series 5 styles on sale at táo bị cắn Authorized Resellers like Amazon & B&H Photo. For the latest đơn hàng and product availability, be sure lớn visit the Apple Watch 5 Price Guide.



said about 2 years ago

If this will encourage somebody to lớn get an apple Watch who otherwise would not wear the more mechanical look of the aluminum version that would be great -- Not so much for Apple, but for them! The táo apple Watch has so many benefits -- particularly health related, that they will be the clear winners here.



said about 2 years ago

Of all the materials used for the táo Watch, the ceramic model is just stunning. I can"t justify spending that much on a piece of tetchy-jewelry, but it is a beauty. I hope táo expands on using this material for other things.

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said about 2 years ago

I had the ceramic white series 2 & grey ceramic series 3. When the 4 was announced I was annoyed by the material choices, I purchased a space đen SS model.
I am very pleased with the series 5 in ceramic, it’s exactly what I wanted in the series 4. I think I might even keep this one for 2 generations.The only complaint is the band color, they should have brought back the cloud band with ceramic pin. Seeing as I sold my series 2 on eBay 2 years ago I went to lớn eBay & picked up a grey cloud band. This watch will be perfect when it arrives.



said about 2 years ago

Mine is arriving on Monday, can"t wait.



said about 2 years ago

I’d like to see a durability test..


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