Your manufacturing company is facing pressure from cheap imports, causing a loss in revenue and decreased workforce. A new website with the ability lớn promote your company và sell your product online could breathe new life into your profits . . . But you’re facing a loss of revenue due to lớn cheap imports.

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It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

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Manufacturing companies of all sizes — from the local mom-and-pop factory khổng lồ the national supplier — need a solid website that drives sales, attracts B2B customers, & showcases their facility, capabilities, technological expertise & experience. A number of manufacturing companies also need e-commerce capabilities to compete which creates an additional technological challenge.

One of the biggest concerns to getting online is, of course, money. With high overhead and overseas competition undercutting your sales, building or improving your website is likely at the bottom of your priority list.

The good news is, if you focus in on a handful of key functional and design factors, a great trang web doesn’t have lớn break your kinh doanh budget.  

In fact, right now, a funding program is helping manufacturing companies affected by international competition boost their competitiveness, including investing in a new or improved website and e-commerce store. is a preapproved registered vendor for the program, and we can help get your manufacturing company tap into these funds.

About the Funding Program That Can Help Pay for Your Manufacturing Website

Few manufacturing companies realize that there’s a program that matches company dollars to enhance their online platforms with either a new trang web or improvements to an existing website, including helping U.S. Manufacturers build e-commerce functionality. is helping manufacturing companies access these funds. & it’s not an insignificant amount, either: a 50/50 cost tóm tắt up to lớn $75,000, with options available for smaller companies that can’t afford this split.

If your company is experiencing:

Declining salesDeclining employmentNegative impact from imported products

Then it’s time to lớn fill out our pre-application khung to help you qualify for the program.

5 Keys to an Effective Manufacturing Website

Once you’re approved for the funding, will get you started on building a trang web that looks great & has the messaging & functionality you need to lớn boost your competitiveness.

Based on websites we’ve built for other North Carolina-based manufacturing companies, here are our vị trí cao nhất 5 musts for an effective manufacturing website.

1 :: A Homepage That Tells a Story


Yes, even a manufacturing website needs khổng lồ tell a “story.”

From the moment your target customer lands on your site, all of the elements should focus primarily on two things: acknowledging your customers’ problems và demonstrating how your company solves them.

In this website we built for The Old Wood Co., we wanted to lớn speak directly khổng lồ B2C & B2B customers that value shopping local & domestic for their custom woodwork. To bởi this, we chose a stunning anh hùng image of a craftsman at work combined with the copy “Remade in the USA.”

This combination addresses the target client’s desire for products made in the USA & displays this manufacturer’s high-quality products.

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2 :: Professional sản phẩm Images


Great photos can truly make or break a sale. Clear, chất lượng images show off your manufacturing capabilities và craftsmanship while also providing useful details for your customer.

Our web thiết kế client, Northern Crescent Iron, showcased their work with professional photography for their custom-made knives và other ironwork. Each photo showcases the product’s intricate detail, a major selling point for their clientele.

With your hàng hóa photos, be sure khổng lồ include multiple angles and, in some cases, your hàng hóa in use. Finally, make sure navigation between photos is obvious and easy (as with the arrows seen in this example).

3 :: User-friendly E-commerce Functionality

Integrating online hàng hóa sales or improving your existing e-commerce capabilities is critical for boosting your company’s viability against competitors. As seen with the store we integrated on Hugh’s Hand Built, each product should include:

Product title with the model number, if applicableWell-written description with keywordsProduct specifications (dimensions, weight, color, etc.)Shipping detailsInformation on guarantees, warranties, returns, and refundsPrice, including shippingQuantity and màu sắc selection (if applicable)Customer reviews if appropriate for your industry

For our e-commerce site builds, we can work with popular online shopping platforms such as Big Commerce và Shopify, or build a custom front-end to lớn work with your internal system. Building or improving your company’s online shop is covered in the funding assistance program.

4 :: sản phẩm Portfolios or Client Testimonials


Manufacturing is still largely a word-of-mouth sector. Your potential clients are looking for social proof: Who else has purchased your products? How does the sản phẩm function and look in real life? bởi you work with major names in the industry?

When potential customers see that other people have bought from you, it indicates that you stand by your work. And trust can earn you a sale.

Be sure lớn include a testimonials page in some form, whether that’s with written testimonials/reviews, client logos or, better yet, photos of your product at work, as seen here in Jade Mountain Builders’ portfolio pages.

5 :: A Transparent “About” Page


Many companies overlook the importance of an “About” page, but a well-built one enhances your credibility và connection with your customers.

It’s very easy khổng lồ fall into sale speak và buzzwords when writing your company’s profile page, but at the end of the day, people are doing business with people, not corporations. A thoughtful page with meaningful information about your company’s history, location, values & employees will make you stand out against (often) anonymous online competitors.

This trang web we build for Dream Guitars, a custom guitar manufacturer, has multiple “About” pages covering different aspects of the company’s history & culture, including a separate page for the owner & information on their awards and community involvement.

When a potential client can connect with your company on a personal level, the transaction becomes personal và is more likely to lớn lead khổng lồ repeat business.

How to Apply for Funding to lớn Build Your Manufacturing Website is an approved vendor for the funding program that’s helping U.S.-based manufacturers access this cost-share program, making the process easy & seamless.

To apply for the program:

Fill out our pre-application formWe’ll review and liên hệ you to discuss your eligibilityOnce you’re eligible, you’ll meet with the website team khổng lồ identify your company’s needs và goalsYour project manager will oversee your site và keep you updated on progressProvide final thiết kế approvalGo live with your new or improved manufacturing website!

Check out some of our other web thiết kế projects khổng lồ get a feel for what we can create for you. We’re based in Western North Carolina and know the area’s industry và demographics. We’re a two-time “Best of WNC” winner và have worked with hundreds of companies based in the region.

To get started, fill out the pre-application khung or điện thoại tư vấn 828-250-0970 to talk khổng lồ us about your eligibility.